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Kanthal Begins a Partnership with Optilon to Enhance and Automate its S&OP Process

Kanthal, a company that specializes in heating technology, has entered into a new partnership with Optilon. Kanthal’s focus is in the heating and energy sector with emphasis on heating materials in wire and strip form.

Optilon and Kanthal are teaming up for a new project. The purpose of the project is to bring in a new solution that will replace Kanthal’s current sales forecasting and offer better support to the S&OP process.

The project started in September and is estimated to end in the spring of 2019. During the project, SO99+, an application developed by Optilon’s trusted partner ToolsGroup, will be implemented with the module for Demand Planning. A collaboration on the forecast revision process will be included in the implementation. By doing this, the aim is to improve forecast accuracy and reduce the manual planning effort. This will support the current S&OP process and ensure that the sales department is working with the same set of numbers as the production planners.

“We are aiming to create a foundation for an enhanced Demand and S&OP process by implementing leading technology. We hope to achieve significant improvements in efficiency and transparency, which are the prerequisites for a higher service level towards the end customer.” – Christoffer Saarnio, Global Supply Chain Manager at Sandvik Kanthal

About Kanthal

Kanthal is the world’s leading provider of heating technology products and services – without compromising their goals in sustainable development.

Their high value-added products and services are aimed at helping their customers fulfill and even exceed their productivity and performance expectations. In creative partnerships, they develop innovative solutions designed to pave the way for their customers’ success.