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Need for increased data quality and knowledge to enable full AI utilization

There are many companies that lack knowledge of how to use AI to create value, and the reason for that is twofold. The first problem is that data is of low quality or is missing, which is a problem since AI is a technique that processes a large amount of data. Recently, PwC conducted a survey where only 15% of the responding companies stated that they have data of the required quality to create value. Using an AI-based process for correcting the data called Robotic Data Correction (RDC) enables companies to start utilizing AI.  The second problem is that companies lack employees with capabilities to analyze the data that AI processes.

Companies must understand what data is needed, and how it should be collected, to be able to make strategic decisions with AI. Further, employees as well as students need to receive education about the technique. This will take time and resources – but companies that optimize their supply chain with the help of AI leverage from both cost reductions and revenue increases. An optimized supply chain also allows companies to be agile in today’s fast changing business climate, which creates a competitive advantage.

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