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Oatly marks the climate impact on their products

As climate change is getting more alarming, it becomes more important for companies to act in a sustainable way. Oatly will from March and onwards write the climate impact of their products on the packaging, to increase transparency in the food industry. We see it as very important that other companies follow in Oatly’s footsteps. As they state, the initiative is dependent on that more companies start to label their products, to allow consumers to compare them and make informed and sustainable choices.

The climate impact is in Oatly’s case measured from primary production to factory and transportation. A supply chain is a complicated network that connects a company to its suppliers, producers, distributors and final customers. There are nevertheless new techniques such as block chain that makes traceability in all stages possible. By measuring the climate impact in all these stages, the company can identify where their carbon footprint is the biggest – and where new sustainable solutions are needed. As consumers place higher demand on companies concerning sustainability, transparency regarding climate impact will yield competitive advantages. Therefore, it is time for companies to make their climate impact visible, from start to finish.